"How to race"

The multisport Lifestyle:
The reasons people want to get involved in triathlon or multisport vary. For some it is a chance to challenge themselves physically or spiritually. For others it is the opportunity for healthy competition on race day. And countless others are choosing multisport to enhance their quality of life by partaking in a healthy pastime. Regardless of your reason, USA Triathlon is here to encourage you on that journey.
Duathlons - Now what do i dU?
Running races are easy. Get dressed, grab your running shoes and head to the race.
However, a duathlon can be very overwhelming. Aside from remembering all your gear, you must set-up a transition area, what is this USA Triathlon license, and the list goes on and on. If this is your first race, you are probably wondering "how in the world will I know everything?" Answer - is you won't, but hopefully the resources below will make your race day experience one to remember.
Transition area?
Aside from remembering all your gear before you head to the race, you must set-up a transition area as soon as you arrive to the race venue. Among the many emotions during the race, your goal is to move through the transition area as quickly as possible in order to save time.
Click here for detailed information on transition protocol and race day checklist.
Questions 101 - Iron Pig Duathlon?
How does a team transfer their timing chip, can I wear my IPod, do I need a USA Triathlon license to compete? All is answered here.
What Is The Course Like?
Flat and fast. See Course for more details A good first-time event for an individual or team or a great way to kickoff the race season for the seasoned athlete.
rules, rules, rules:
Yes, we have them in multisport as well. They protect you and the other racers and make for a fair and competitive event. Click here for Most Commonly Violated.
Go to the USA Triathlon rules site for the entire rule book.
Etiquette on race day:
There are some basic do's and don't's and this link to will give you some great tips on making your way around the course. Triathlon etiquette tips.
racing tips:
USA Triathlon has some great tips on racing and protocol. USA Triathlon racing tips.

most of all...have fun and be safe!!!

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